Team Do Sports Potalの会員になってWMG2021にアーリーエントリーしよう!

WORLD MASTERS GAMES 2021 KANSAI, the world's largest festival of sports in which anyone who is roughly 30 years old can participate, will be held in 2021! At Team Do Sports Portal, only regular members can apply for WORLD MASTERS GAMES 2021 KANSAI ahead of general entries.​​

Please check the Early Entry Disciplines and Guidelines before entry.

Click here for an early entry for WMG2021 会員登録はこちら

Membership registration for Team Do Sports Portal is different from the official entry for WMG2021. Please be careful because you are required to separately register for entering WMG2021.​

Flow to Enter WMG2021

Please go to the WMG2021 entry site, proceed to the registration screen from [Go to Membership Registration] located at the bottom of the Membership Registration/Login page, enter the necessary items, carefully read the Terms and Conditions of the WMG2021 Membership Registration, and complete the registration. You cannot enter with the Team Do Sports Portal member account information.


It is less than one and one-half years to WORLD MASTERS GAMES 2021 KANSAI.
Test events will be held in the Kansai region. Let's prepare for the main event!

Please be careful because you are required to apply for participation and must pay a participation fee to participate in the test event separately from the main competitions of WMG2021.